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  • Getting back into the gym, and training for your strength goals....

    Getting back into the gym, and training for your strength goals.....

    By now after this 3 month lockdown, most of us are fortunate to be able to get back into the gym!


    It can be intimidating getting back into the gym, especially after some time off, or perhaps you've just started your fitness journey and are wanting to carry on training but in a bigger environment then your comfort and safety of your home. 

    It may seem intimidating at first but just remember that most people are in the same boat as you, getting back into the swing of things and everybody started somewhere.

    Top Tips for feeling at ease and comfortable in the new environment:

    • choose a gym close to you, its a lot easier to stay committed when the gym is just a few minutes drive or walk away, its easier to come up with excuses if its a long drive and you spend more time commuting than you do in the actual gym 
    •  wear some nice training clothes, sport a new outfit or a new pair of shoes
    • be prepared with your own towel, a hair band, headphones, pre workout and a big bottle of water with BCAAS
    • Take a little tour of your gym and check out all of the types of equipment available to you
    • if your unsure on how to use a piece of equipment ask a personal trainer or a fellow experienced gym goer, better to ask then to do it incorrectly 
    When stating your workout
    • always start off with a little warm up on the cardio machines to get your heart rate up, joints lubricated, and oxygen flowing through your muscles
    • drink a little water or BCAAS
    • Have a set plan or rough idea which body part you are going to focus on and visualize all the equipment or machines you may use in that session
      Always start with a warm up set with either no weight (on a machine) or low weights if its free hand like dumbbells, feel the movement first, activate the muscles that you will be focusing on, find the correct grip, play around with your foot placing, and connect your mind to the muscles you are going to use in the session

    Train smart

    • minimise your rest between sets and try not to wait too long in between chatting or sitting on your phone, unless your doing huge heavy sets no longer than 30secs is needed in between your sets
    • Record your volumes lifted, start low and work you way up, until you find a weight where you cannot finish the movement without losing proper form, until failure
    • Remember this weight and definitely write it down so you can work on bettering yourself next time 
    • perform at least 4 sets of 12-15 reps on each exercise unless you are lifting really heavy loads 

    Be the hardest worker in the room, pump some good tunes that motivate you to go harder, finish your workout with some cardio around 20 mins depending on your goal, and don't forget to stretch!


  • How to follow your own road to Happiness, live your best life, and be your best self!

    You are responsible for your own happiness!...….

    I'm sure you have heard this quote before, right!

    Read that again!

    There is nothing more true, and if I was to give any advice to any one the first would be this!

    Choose to be happy, Strive to stay positive, wake up in the morning with a positive outlook on the new day ahead, anything amazing can happen in one day, you just have to give it the best chance by adapting your mood to "good vibes only mode" and letting all of the positive vibes come your way!

    1.Appreciate what you DO have, a physical body for moving, a working mind for creating, love to be giving.

    2. Be kind to everyone you meet, positive energy flows from one person to another, and vice versa, try not to let your problems ruin somebody else's day or experience, unless, of course they are trying to help you, be kind to strangers even if you are having a bad day will actually make you feel better!

    3.Be better not Bitter! when someone is getting on your nerves, or bringing you down, the best way to change your energy is just be better, not better than anyone else, but better than yourself! Use negative energy and burn it to fuel your positive vibe bus to happy town!

    4. Focus on your goals baby girl! No one is going to help you but yourself, and until you accept that you might be always looking for external factors to complete you, the next job, the next relationship or the next destination, when you have goals to achieve, you'll have no time to be sad!

    5. Make time for your self and your over all health and fitness!! Fitness is not about vanity, It really will change your life if you make it a top priority, have you ever met a super sad fit person? Didn't think so! Its the first step to self care and having higher self confidence, your goals don't have to be aesthetic at all, if you focus on getting fitter and staying consistent with your goals you'll be surprised at how your body will change. You might just want to do it to impress your self and you should! do it for you!!

    6.Remember that you are loved! If you have a loving family, a great bunch of friends, or just one genuine friend who always has your back, you are luckier than some, If you ever feel sad or down, just call them, its that easy!

    7. Write down some goals and execute them, Its 100% easier to be happy and positive when you are working towards a goal, it doesn't have to be huge, something achievable, it could be fitness related, business related or education related, jut put that pen to paper and go for it!

    8.Don't take things personally, and stop over thinking, people are just people, you cant please everyone, nor make everyone happy, but you can definitely make your self happy, so do that instead of worrying about what others are thinking, life is too short to worry your self, and stress is bad for your health!

    9. Sleep, eat regular meals, eat well, and keep your living space tidy, eliminate clutter, make your bed, prepare your self for each day, live by the hour and make the most of your time here on earth.

    10.Do what you love, follow your dreams and never hold back for anyone, eat pizza without guilt, drink wine on occasions, take a break if you need it, but never stop working on your self!

    Choose to be happy, always!


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