Are you getting enough Protein?

Are you getting enough protein? 🤔💪

Did you know that 50-70 percent of us are not....

Protein deficiency is more common than we think,

Not all foods we eat are a great source of protein, we can definitely try to eat more high protein foods, but.... sometimes its hard to eat the amount of protein we need to repair and recover our cells in food alone,

Some of the symptoms of protein deficiency are, dry hair, cracked, flaky skin, swelling, edema-due to fluid retention, and weak muscle tone....😶

And this is because when we lack protein, our bodies will take it from our muscles and use it to fuel other organs in your body, there fore causing atrophy, weakening of muscles

If your going hard in the gym and not getting enough protein then your efforts could be catabolic (breaking down of muscle tissues)

Best ways to get more protein in your daily diet

• Eat protein rich foods first
• Add protein powder to your breakfast
• Have a mid morning protein shake/smoothie
• Bake with added protein, cakes, cookies, pancakes, protein bites
• Have a shake with water post workout
• Protein shake before bed

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