Cellulite Fighting Tips!! @fitbandz by Chelsea McCALL Fitness

Cellulite is common and also unfortunately inevitable in woman, especially when we have higher estrogen levels Tips to reduce cellulite!
  • 💕workout often
  • 💕limit dairy intake (I loooove yoghurt)
  • 💕choose higher intensity workouts that encourage fat burning
  • 💕"dry brush your upper legs in the shower, with soap with a rough cloth or exfoliating gloves
  • 💕moisturize often
  • 💕try to train to increase muscle mass particulary in tops of legs just under your bum
  • 💕lots of hamstring exercises will fill out your legs and not give the sagging skin a chance
  • 💕eat nutritious food and alot of super foods with antioxidents
  • 💕limit sugary alcohol and soft drinks
💕drink lots of water! But dont worry too much about it, its part of what makes women, women 💕🍑🙌 a bit of jiggle never hurt anybody xx @fitbandzdubai NZ Dec 12, 2019

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