Goal Setting! The secret to success in Getting your Health Back on track!

Would you reach your destination in a foreign city without a road map?

Unless it was a huge fluke most likely not hey!

Reaching your Health and fitness goals require a similar system, Thank gosh for google maps or I would be driving around in circles in Dubai, trying to make my appointments and never reaching them on time, or as a matter of fact at all!

Each Time we have a goal to achieve there needs to be some kind of guide line to follow, placed upon ourselves so that we can succsesfully plan our route and the "trip" to ensure that we reach the destination in the period of time.

And sure there will be some road blocks on the way, a few wrong turns, perhaps maybe running out of fuel, but if we say to someone we are going to be there, then usually that's what happens. Right?

So why do so many people fail to reach there health and fitness goals?

The biggest issue is usually planning, in order to be sucssesful, you first have to set your self up for sucess!

Goal Setting puts a specific time frame and measurable results into your frame of mind, and give you a concrete destination to drive your self toward.

In the fitness industry we use "Smart" goals to set out where we want to be going

S - Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attractive

R- Realistic

T-Time Bound

This way we can decide at the beginning of the journey the "Why" and "What" is important to us in reaching these goals, and how long we should give ourselves to get there, 

You can have long term, short term, and mid term goals, the secret is to work backwards and think of your long term goals first, then break them down into 12 week periods, 3 months, and set up the blueprint of what you expect of your self to acheive in this time.

An example of a long term goal might be

S- To Lose 5 kilos of body fat

M- Measurable by BF testing/ body compistion/ scales

A- Attractive because My long term health will benefit from it, lose visceral fat around organs, be able to fit old clothes, will feel better

R- Realistic, Yes because it is possible to lose up to 2.5 kilos safely in a time frame of 4 weeks/1 month so 9 months will be ample

T- Time frame is 9 months to reach this goal


The first 12 week period, you would make smaller goals that will eventually help get you to the end goal, like 

Specifics- Join Gym/ Workout 3 sessions a week with a PT, and so on

When you put pen to paper and write these things down, you are making a contract with your self, Setting your self up for sucsess rather than a thought just crossing your mind.

It really Works!  There is no time like the present and a new week is coming up!

What are your SMART goals, How will you plan ahead for your Journey?







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