How do you measure your progress?

So you've taken the first step and decided to work on yourself, for your self or some other type of external driver.

That's great news! whatever your WHY! lets keep it at that, you know the real reason why you are here and taking charge of your fitness goals and your health!

So what ever your goal may be, you need to have some type of form on how you will measure your success, right?

You would want to start with a time frame, most fitness goal time frames are divided in to 4 week periods, this makes short and long term goals measurable and achievable, think mini goals and small changes before the long lasting and bigger goals can occur,

In fitness there are many different ways to measure your progress, depending on the goal itself of course, imagine if we didnt set a time frame or a target how would we ever reach it!

A transformation of lets say fat loss or lean muscle gain as an example, can range between 4-12 weeks, 6 months to a year.

We can measure our variables by 

Fitness testing - like beep test, reactive timing, 100 metre sprint

Strength Testing- One Rep Max- pushing our lifts until failure to see how much weight we can bare

Power Ability- How high or how long we can jump, smash

Body Composition testing- How much percentage body fat we have and how much muscle mass we have built, or not built yet.

There are many different ways we can keep accountable as to what level we are at throughout our fitness journey.

The best thing you can do for your self at the start of any health and fitness journey is to keep a record or a journal from the beginning of all of your different statistics like 

Weight x height 

Waist hip ratio- measuring your body with a measuring tape

How much you can lift, as in from the beginning as you start lifting weights record how much you can lift until you start to break good form, that might be anything from a bicep curl to a barbell squat.

Write down the date and the amount you got up to, how many reps you can do, and next time you are in the gym really focus on trying to beat those reps or weights

Body Composition testing is also a great way to start, most gyms will offer this for free, make sure you have not started your workout yet, you are well hydrated and not full from a meal before you do this test as it can alter results

Although the results are not completely accurate, they are a good insight to see what you are starting with, and explain a bit to you about what is a suggested healthy range for you to aim towards for your body type.

Another form of this is with callipers, which if done correctly is a more accurate method of body composition testing, however should only be done by a professional with a lot of experience In this form of testing.

I personally get my body comp test done every 4 weeks just to check how I am tracking along and if I need to make any adjustments.

As well as keeping a record of my heaviest lifts so that I can reach a progressive overload each time I train which will intern put me into a better place for maximising hypertrophy, the building of new muscle.

When you start to see results outside of the bathroom scales your health and fitness journey will become a lot more rewarding 

Remember its not about the weight you have, its about the weight that you can lift/push/throw/resist!


So make sure you record these so you can measure your progress and strive for success, 

Don't just survive. Thrive! 




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