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I've been thinking a lot lately on how I have been so greatful over this pandemic period, about having a second source of income, how ever small it may be!

We started this journey 2 years ago, I should re-phrase that!

I started this journey, a one woman band, that rose from my passion of finding different ways to build up my non existent glutes!!

With being in the body building competing industry for a few years, I was always embarrassed about being a bikini competitor, as my preferred sport, with one of the most judged (professionally) muscle groups being the great "Gluteus Maximus"

Everywhere else on my body seemed to grow well and shape and tone easily after putting in hard work, however my Glutes lacked the same effect from the hours In spent training them, the best exercises at the time for me were fire hydrants and kick backs, step ups and smith machine exercises which took the weight off my legs (which grew very quickly) and concentrated solely on my glute muscles, however it was still not really effective and I had a lot of trouble making any gains that I could keep or be proud or satisfied with.

It wasn't until 2 years ago that I discovered resistance bands training that changed the way I trained forever!

Now where am I going with this?

  • Integrity
Everything long lasting and successful always comes from a true passion, and you really have to believe in a product before you can start selling it honestly, like they say "if your not in the business of helping people then you shouldn't be in business", And this is very True.

False advertising and fake marketing is very obvious, and quick fixes or miracle treatments, are a sure fire way to run your reputation and integrity into the ground.

I used to be in sales, selling popular streetwear brands, and worked my way to the managers position and top sales person using only my two best selling skills which are always honest and truthful. 

There after being dubbed the "denim guru" and was an expert at fitting women, (and men) into the best pair of jeans for there shape.

I have a true passion for fashion retail aswel, but prefer making women feel confident in working out so that they can fit the perfect pair of jeans and feel gorgeous and strong with a booty they can be proud of!

  • Research
Back to the business idea!, I previously had purchased a pair of rubber resistance bands in a local k mart store, however the design was so flimsy and just did not cut it, always having to readjust them, wipe the sweat off them, or unroll and unravel them. 

I did a bit of research and googling and found that one of my favourite fitness influencers had a fabric booty band, and that's when the light switched on in my head!

I realised that no one in my country or residence had such a thing nor had heard of it, and as I had already experienced ok results with the plastic band, I knew that this was going to be a big thing! 

I loved creating my own diverse workouts with my bands and I knew I could share what I had learnt with others, and with the perfect product to match!

  • Acting fast

The fitness industry is very fast paced and always evolving, a lot of new fads emerge and there, remember the ab glider from "as seen on tv"

Two years ago when I created our product FITBANDZ, there were not many out there available at all, And I also recur a famous Glute training guy, just releasing his product I think a week before ours!

Today there are a  lot of competitors in the market! however, Its how your brand sticks out from the rest which makes it the better product! and the backing behind your brand going back to your integrity, and passion.

  • Standing out from the crowd

If you want the upper hand you need to show your consumers why your brand is that little bit better than the rest out there, Its not just about the product its self but what you offer as your brands community,

Here at FITBANDZ we pride ourselves on the community we have built behind the product, by always appreciating our customers, and our loyal customers, by giving back, and offering free workout content and creative ideas as well as keeping our customers involved in the marketing, sharing ideas and achievements made by everyone in our community. We believe in involving everyone in our growth, as we rise by lifting others. 

Our product itself has always been in happy vibrant and seasonal colours, no max producing, and not having anything to safe or boring. 

However we do listen to the feedback of our consumers, and adjust our new shipments by what the feedback is, need bigger bands? no problem, want darker colours? we will order them!

  • Customer satisfaction
If your customer is not satisfied it is most likely they will tell 10 people about their experience and encourage them not to purchase, this is the last thing you want.
Ever heard that quote "you got to spend money to make money" well this is relevant in a few things here, from taking the first risk of buying your stock, to calculating a good recommended retail price, to shipping cost and refunds.
Sometimes situations are out of your control, and its better to save your reputation than it is the pennies from a missed or mishandled sale.
If you are at fault, always replace, refund or offer a discount to a new transaction, Its best to keep your customer than lose them and even worse have them not recommend your business.
  • Marketing 
Discounts and giveaways are a great way to market your product without placing ads, We always believe strongly in helping the people that have always helped us, positive energy and good karma will always come back to you tenfold, and it helps if you know a lot of people in your product markets industry.
To the people you know in the industry or approach people that can help you , you can offer discount codes for them and there followers and this way you are still helping and giving back .
Sometimes you will need to give away products for free, and if you do with good intentions, will also always come back to you in a positive light.
  • competition
We don't do too much research n the competition to be honest, as we like to have original ideas and its too easy to be influenced by what someone else is doing or creating, Price point wise it is always good to know what the round about price is for a similar product, but at the end of the day if you know in your heart what your selling is worth every cent of the price it is, you don't have to worry about it too much.
  • originality
We don't copy paste anything here at FITBANDZ from blogs to weight loss tips, exercise routines or our products, everything is made from scratch, down to our logo design and packaging. Were proud of this and will always keep it that way, design is a true reflection of your brand. 
  • Advice

When you have your big idea, keep it to yourself until your 100% committed that you will put it into production, you might unknowingly influence someone to use your idea, also there will be a lot of different opinions on your idea and people giving you all sorts of advice and pros and cons,  My advice don't listen to anything but your true gut intuition, 

BELIEVE in your self and your brand all the way!!

Stay true to your passion, your experience and no one will ever doubt your ability or your product, don't sell anything that you wouldn't be happy receiving yourself.

" It might take years to create your own wave, but its still 100% better than riding on somebody elses"

Stay true to your brand and always be yourself!

Now let me ask you? what is your PASSION?

Go on, write it down!!

Love Chelsea







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