Muscle building- How to build your glutes over time



Every one starts some where,

It wont take you weeks,  it will take months, even a year to build a solid foundation of muscle in your glutes, and its not just about the training, nutrition and consistency are both major factors of building the muscle fibres in your glutes, along side regular training with our FITBANDZ and other exercises in the Gym and at home.

To build a rounded peach shape booty, from a flat backside takes a bit of grit, and a lot of patience, you have to stay committed to the goal, which unfortunately has no end, if you are expecting to build a nice booty and then stop there, your expectations will not be met, building and keeping muscle is an ongoing commitment, and as you mature your muscle, it will get easier to keep your glutes in shape, but you must continue to keep at it and be prepared to work on them up to 3 times a week for maximum long lasting results.

There are many different angles and factors, muscle fibres inside the largest muscle group in our bodies, so to hit your glutes in all of the angles is the key, genetics also play a large role In how your glutes will shape up, but in the end if you work hard enough, even the most genetically challenged glutes can flourish into a voluptulous dense in muscle, big behind. 

Here at fitbandz we recommend training with our bandz 3 times a week, and once the gyms open again, some regular heavy lifting, focussing on heavy glute thrust, dead lifts, hamstring curls, high foot position leg presses and carefully executed squats, focusing more on form, muscle connection and contraction.

A diet high in protein, for muscle feeding and nurturing, repairing broken tissues, which will then come back stronger and larger than before.

Carbohydrates such as sweet potato, oats, and other complex carbs to give you the energy and replace lost glycogen stores from lifting.

Essential fats such as avocado, coconut oil, eggs, nuts to fuel your brain cells, keep energy stores high, and better sleep and repair.

Simple sugars are steered clear of, as they have no nutritional benefits and will only hinder progress, make it easier for your body to store unwanted body fat, and add to problem areas such as cellulite, heart problems, stubborn areas of fat storage, such as love handles. 

Dark chocolate in small amounts, sweetend protein powders and fruits such as rasberries and bananas can keep your sweet tooth and cravings at bay, without hindering any fat loss goals.

Remember that your muscle is hidden by layers of fat, so the less fat you have and the more muscle you have the shapelier your booty will be.

Its up to you how much you want it, and if you are willing to stay committed to the process, its a long term commitment and actually not too difficult, it just takes heart! Don't give up!! The more you train the less you will have to train to have a fuller booty, in the long run, and the better you eat, the better you will feel, and your body will thank you in years to come, its not just about aesthetics, 


Keep your heart healthy, your booty full, and your body functional, with at FITBANDZ 





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